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What IsĀ The Initiative?
It is the spirit of the USA. A driving force that made our country great. It is commonly known that many different races were instrumental in making the USA one of the greatest nations on the face of the earth. People of different religions and cultures.We would have all to be involved in the spirit of the Initiative. Our forefathers layed the foundation of the USA, by creating a Republic under God. Our forefathers knew that as a democracy, people would corrupt themselves. That is why the phrase, I give you a Republic if you can keep it, was so vehemently expressed. Today, some politicians and many others like to use the term of seperation of church and state. Somehow, it seems to give them the feeling that they don't have to be accountable to God. Our constitution does not state it that way. It states that our government shall not establish a religion on the people, which means freedom of religion. A nation under God, means our government should rule by Godly principles. This different view, seems to be one of the main reasons why our country is going in the wrong direction. The Initiative is to bring back the USA.
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